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Building for sale in 1009 Pully - Vaud

681 m²

3’643 m³

724 m²

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Building with 8 apartments for sale in Pully

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Made up of 8 lots, including 5 apartments of 5.5 rooms, an office of the same size, a 2.5 room apartment and a bedroom without kitchen, this building, built in 1959, is ideally located to the south of Pully. The 724 m2 plot also includes five garages and two outdoor parking spaces.

The object is magnificently located in a popular residential area of the Municipality of Pully, a few minutes walk from shops and public transport.

The building built in 1959 is in good general condition. However, significant work is required to bring it up to date and bring it up to current standards.

Technical Data
Surface area of land724
Volume (m3)3’643

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