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Flat for sale 4.5 rooms in 1637 Charmey - Fribourg

105 m²


780 m²


Building with 9 apartments - Lot 7

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The building faces south and is located just at the entrance to the village of Charmey, opposite the Bains de la Gruyère and a few meters from the village center.

Nearby, there are all the amenities: shopping center, post office, bank, restaurants and school.

The new building offers 9 dwellings of different sizes combining modernity and tradition, offering a mix conducive to multi-generational exchanges.

If you appreciate nature and seek a quality of life, the town of Charmey (2500hab.), In the heart of Gruyère, will please you. You will discover a preserved environment, accompanied by living traditions. There are many sports activities, as well as cultural activities. It is also a pleasant place to live for families and a renowned place of rest and relaxation. It is good to live there!

The building of 9 apartments offers a unique architecture with wide openings and finishes at the buyers' choice. The excellent insulation should save 50% of energy compared to new standard constructions (CECB A label), thus improving acoustic and thermal comfort.

Supermarkets, post office, banks and various restaurants are located nearby or in the village.

A9 motorway, Bulle exit, less than 20 min.
2 bus lines connect Charmey to Bulle and Friborg; stop at 100m.

Detail of lots

Lot 1 on the ground floor - 4.5 pc of 105.1 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, Fr. 560,000.-
Lot 2 on the ground floor - 2.5 pc of 56.8 m2 + balcony of 9 m2, Fr. 315,000.-
Lot 3 on the ground floor - 3.5 pc of 93.5 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, Fr. 510,000.-

Lot 4 on the 1st floor - 4.5 pc of 105.1 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, Fr. 560,000.-
Lot 5 on the 1st floor - 2.5 pc of 56.8 m2 + balcony of 9 m2, RESERVE
Lot 6 on the 1st floor - 4.5 pc of 101.3 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, Fr. 570,000.-

Lot 7 on the 2nd floor - 4.5 pc of 105.1 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, Fr. 570,000.-
Lot 8 on the 2nd floor - 3.5 pc of 69.7 m2 + balcony of 9 m2, Fr. 415,000.-
Lot 9 on the 2nd floor - 3.5 pc of 87.9 m2 + balcony of 10.2 m2, RESERVED

Parking spaces to be purchased additionally for Fr. 15'000.- instead, they are located in the underground car park of the building.

Do not hesitate to call Thierry Rochat at 079 135 37 02 for any further questions or a meeting on site.

Technical Data
Date of availabilityimmediately
Living surface (m2)105
Year built2020
Surface area of land780
Number of rooms4.5
Surface (m2)105
Outside parking spacesyes

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