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Commercial for sale in 1870 Monthey - Valais



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New contemporary quality residence in the center of Monthey with commercial premises on the ground floor.

Close to all amenities.

1 commercial space is available:

- lot 1 of 66.37m2: CHF 270'905.-

Monthey, capital of the district of the same name, is the largest municipality of the latter-with an area of 2863 ha. Today, the Montheysan industry holds a fundamental place in the development of the canton of Valais. Historically, its industrial expansion began in 1821 with the opening of its glassworks. Several internationally renowned companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields have set up their factories on site.
However, what makes the city famous is its famous Carnival, one of the largest and most famous in French-speaking Switzerland, or even all of Switzerland. The canal is divided into two distinct parts: the Petit and the Grand Carnaval de Monthey. The first event was held in 1872. The castle of Monthey, its museum, the covered bridge, the Crochetan Theater and the cultural district of Malevoz are among the main sites of choice for tourists, apart from traditional activities such as trekking. or skiing.

Information and visits: Mirko Gysin on 079 574 33 39

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