The object 399253 Appartement 1 pièce au Mont-sur-Lausanne is no longer available, we suggest the latter alternative:

Ref319706 - Ref realtor Falaises - appartements 2.5 pièces protégé

Flat for rent 2.5 rooms in 1005 Lausanne - Vaud

Avenue de la Sallaz 11-13, 1005 Lausanne

Subsidized apartments 2.5 rooms for rent

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Av. De la Sallaz 11-13

Subsidized and protected new apartments intended mainly for people with AVS and requiring social support. Someone at the IA could possibly benefit. Please note that all files will have to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis in order to determine if the candidate meets the conditions of occupation of a protected dwelling.

The building has a community hall, a social worker present at 30% and various activities will be organized according to the needs of the group. Candidates will have to integrate into this program. The additional service for this service is CHF 160.- per month. It will be the responsibility of the candidate to inquire with the relevant service if this benefit is supported by the social service or not.

The building comprises 16 protected subsidized apartments. Currently there are 6 apartments to rent.

to be agreed

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Technical Data
Number of rooms2.5
Date of availabilityimmediately

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